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Mystery Money Man is a personal finance community for families. We believe that anyone can improve their financial situation by choosing to live differently. Too many people accept society’s norms when it comes to lifestyle and money, and become trapped in an endless pursuit of acquiring more stuff. Thankfully, we’ve figured out a better way. We’ll show you how to break the cycle by learning how to be frugal, increase your income and eliminate your debt. Make today your turning point. Welcome to Mystery Money Man.


tent trailer camping

THE MANY ADVANTAGES OF TENT TRAILER CAMPING  In our consumer crazed world, even the age old pastime of camping has fallen into the clutches of materialism. As an example, go to any campground these days and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone using a tent.  READ MORE>>>

boxed cereal

SOLVING THE CHEERIOS CONUNDRUM  If you have even a couple of kids, you’re keenly aware how quickly your family can burn through the following common food items:  boxed cereal, and milk.  But have you considered how expensive they really are? Recently, a friend of mine shared how solving the “Cheerios Conundrum” saved he and his wife well over $1000 in one year.  Here’s the story.  READ MORE>>>

Debt freedom

DEBT FREEDOM: A MUSICIAN’S STORY After landing a major record deal & touring the world with the likes of AC/DC, it all came crashing down. How one musician’s dedication to freedom helped him get out of debt and create the lifestyle he’d always dreamed of. READ MORE>>>

start your own online business

AN ASS-BACKWARDS APPROACH TO ROAD TRIP PLANNING This year, to borrow a term once used by my dearly departed grandmother, I took an ‘ass-backwards’ approach.  Unlike my beloved Gran however, I’m referring to road trip planning, not the order in which certain offspring once decided to approach procreation and matrimony.  Bless her soul.  READ MORE>>>

Lazy November

THOUGHTS ON GEOARBITRAGE Around this time last year, I read this article about a young couple who decided to cash out of the bubble that is the Toronto housing market.  They sold the small house they had purchased for $300,000 seven years earlier, for over $1MM, and moved 250 miles up the highway to Ottawa.  READ MORE>>>


MY SON IS BYPASSING COLLEGE. WHY I’M PERFECTLY FINE WITH IT My oldest child won’t be attending college after graduating from high school this June. At least, not this year. My son, (I’ll refer to him as A) who’s 17, has decided to take a gap year, something Mrs. MMM and I are perfectly fine with. READ MORE>>>