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Claudia Pennington

FREELANCER SUCCESS STORIES: CLAUDIA PENNINGTON For Claudia Pennington, marketing is a way of life. With more than 13 years of experience in the industry, she’s become an expert in developing measurable marketing strategies, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Claudia joins us on the blog to share some of her best advice. READ MORE>>>

paying off student loans

HOW TO INVEST WHILE PAYING OFF STUDENT LOANS The struggle is real for many recent college graduates. The cost of college is outpacing inflation, and the national student loan debt toll is at an all-time high in the trillions. Spread over 40 million college students and graduates in the United States, many borrowers find themselves in a difficult position after they graduate. READ MORE >>>

planting seeds

FREELANCER SUCCESS STORIES: SANDRA PARSONS A freelance writer specializing in personal finance, travel, and psychology, Sandra draws on her banking experience and graduate-level research training to create factual and engaging content for her clients. FULL INTERVIEW >>>

Kevin Udy

FREELANCER SUCCESS STORIES: KEVIN UDY Welcome to Interview # 2 in my new series, Freelance Success Stories! My guest this week is Kevin Udy, a freelance digital marketing consultant and traveller who lives and works on the road full-time. Ready? Let’s dive in! FULL INTERVIEW>>>

Laura Gariepy

FREELANCER SUCCESS STORIES: LAURA GARIEPY I’m thrilled to launch my first ever interview series, titled “Freelance Success Stories”. My first guest is Laura Gariepy, a Florida-based freelance content creator. Laura is the first of many freelancers who will grace the pages of this blog in the coming months. If you’re an aspiring freelancer, or side hustler, this series is for you!  FULL INTERVIEW>>>

freelancer success stories

WHY I’M LAUNCHING MY FIRST EVER INTERVIEW SERIES This coming Friday, I’m launching my first ever interview series here on the blog. While it may not carry the same fanfare as another recent launch, it’s something I’m super excited about! I’ve named the interview series, “Freelancer Success Stories”. READ MORE>>>