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Mystery Money Man is a personal finance community for families. We believe that anyone can improve their financial situation by choosing to live differently. Too many people accept society’s norms when it comes to lifestyle and money, and become trapped in an endless pursuit of acquiring more stuff. Thankfully, we’ve figured out a better way. We’ll show you how to break the cycle by learning how to be frugal, increase your income and eliminate your debt. Make today your turning point. Welcome to Mystery Money Man.


family road trip

5 MONEY SAVING TIPS FOR YOUR NEXT FAMILY ROAD TRIP  Today is Day 14 of our family’s annual Super Frugal Road Trip.  With 4 days remaining, and almost 2000 miles left to travel, it remains to be seen whether or not we’ll come in under our spending goal of less than $1000 for the entire 18-day vacation.  The odds are in our favour.  READ MORE>>>

Debt freedom

JUNE 2018 INCOME REPORT Hey everyone!  In this post, I’ll show you exactly how I earned over $1000 in the month of June.  Unlike some other bloggers, I don’t regularly release income reports, for the simple reason that my income has not been consistent enough month-to-month.  READ MORE>>>

start your own online business

WANT TO SAVE MONEY?  HERE’S HOW…. This past week, I took my sixteen year-old Honda lawn mower to my local small engine repair shop.  Earlier on, in an effort to diagnose why it wasn’t running smoothly, I had taken the carburetor apart, only to discover that the pin holding the float in place was missing.   READ MORE>>>

how I spend my bonus

OF BOOKS AND BASEBALL CAPS  I am very fortunate to receive performance bonuses at work on a semi-annual basis. Because I don’t include the amount in our family’s regular budget, the money is rarely spoken for when it arrives.  In fact, it feels a bit like a windfall.  READ MORE>>> 

part-time blogger

5 WAYS I BALANCE BLOGGING WITH MY 9-5  It’s a challenge that most part-time bloggers face.  You want to spend more time blogging, but struggle to carve out space amongst life’s other priorities.  Be it your 9-5, time with family, or any number of other interests, it’s a constant balancing act. READ MORE>>>

tent trailer camping

THE MANY ADVANTAGES OF TENT TRAILER CAMPING  In our consumer crazed world, even the age old pastime of camping has fallen into the clutches of materialism. As an example, go to any campground these days and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone using a tent.  READ MORE>>>