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goals for January 2019

MY GOALS FOR JANUARY 2019 (and why I’m not doing another month long No-Spend) If you’ve been a long time reader, you’re probably aware that for the past two years, I’ve kicked things off in January with a month long spending freeze. I affectionately refer to it as my no-spend January, which meant that for 31 days, I didn’t spend a cent on non-essential items. READ MORE>>>

improve your finances

35 KICK-ASS WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR FINANCES IN 2019  This is an update of one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written on this site. I’ve re-written most of the article however, and at 4600 words, it’s jam packed with advice that you can use in 2019! If you’re looking for ways to reduce your debt, save money, and increase your income next year, this one’s for you! READ MORE>>>

small town living

THE HIDDEN COST OF SMALL TOWN LIVING Considering the many advantages of small town life, (studies show that we are far happier than our city dwelling peers, after all), it would make sense that living outside of a large city is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.               READ MORE>>>

road trip

THE $1500 RULE FOR CAR BUYING Is there a financial decision that people agonize over more than buying a vehicle? I often find myself in conversations with friends and colleagues who are trying to figure out how buy a car without it breaking their budget. Most fail miserably. READ MORE>>>

something we all need

SOMETHING WE ALL NEED  “Just don’t hit her on the head or the back, my mom pleaded!” As the woman standing in front of me recounted the horror, all I could do was close my eyes and shake my head. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. READ MORE>>> 

thoughts on money

MIXED BILLS – THE CANNABIS CRAZE AND OTHER RANDOM THOUGHTS ON MONEY I was dealing with some writer’s block this week, it happens from time to time. But rather than try and force myself to craft some fine piece of personal finance wisdom (it wouldn’t happen)…READ MORE>>>