Freelancer Success Stories – Sandra Parsons

Freelancer Success Stories

Sandra Parsons is a freelance writer specializing in personal finance, travel, and psychology. She draws on her banking experience and graduate-level research training to create factual and engaging content for her clients. Name: Sandra Parsons Location: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada Website: How long have you been doing freelance work? 1 – 2 years Tell us about your freelance business, …

Freelancer Success Stories – Kevin Udy

Freelancer Success Stories

Welcome to my interview series, Freelancer Success Stories! Set in a Q&A format, the interviews are designed to place the spotlight on people just like you and me, who have made the leap into freelance work, either on a full-time basis, or as a side hustle. Find out how they did it, what they love about freelancing, and what they …

Freelancer Success Stories – Laura Gariepy

laura gariepy

Welcome to the very first interview in my new series, which I’ve titled, Freelancer Success Stories. The interviews are in a Q & A format, and are designed to shine a spotlight on people just like you and me, who have made the leap into freelance work, either full-time or as a side hustle. Find out how they did it, …


Why I’m Launching My First Ever Interview Series

interview series

This coming Friday, I’m launching my first ever interview series here on the blog. While it may not carry the same fanfare as another recent launch, it’s something I’m super excited about!  I’ve named the interview series, “Freelancer Success Stories”. Once a week (on Friday’s for now), I’ll publish an interview with someone who has made the leap into freelance …

How to Sell Your Property Without a Real Estate Broker

Selling your house without a real estate broker sounds like an unnecessary inconvenience. The Balance explains that you generally make more when you sell with an agent —almost 22% more, depending on the real estate market. Yet there are certain advantages to selling your property on your own, one of them being that you cut out the middleman. If you …



first car

***Update 05/26/19*** It’s a question many parents ask themselves.  Should you purchase a first car for your child, versus having them save the money on their own. My son turned 16 about six months ago, and is currently shopping for his first car. Naturally, this has led to many conversations with other parents about their own experiences. What I’ve found, …



the corporate ladder

***UPDATE 05/25/19*** Earlier today, I wrote a post, titled “Failure or Resounding Success: Lessons On The Road To Financial Independence“. In it, I provide an update on my journey to “climb down the corporate ladder”. Hard to believe it’s been a year and a half since I set out on this path. It’s a journey that I’m still on. If …


Failure Or Resounding Success? Lessons On The Road To Financial Independence

Recently, in my monthly newsletter, I veered from my normal format, and shared an update on a journey I began 15 months ago, one that hasn’t gone quite as I’d planned. For the backstory, check out this post from December 2017. I’m referring to my plan of walking away from my 9-5 by August 2019, in part, by turning side …


What We Spent On Our Bermuda Vacation

bermuda vacation

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our full disclosure below. We just returned from our ‘end of winter/early spring’ vacation to visit our family in Bermuda, so I thought I’d put together a short post on the money aspect of our trip. This is a personal finance blog, after all. 🙂 In a few weeks, I’ll write a more …


The Many Advantages Of Tent Trailer Camping

advantages of tent trailer camping

The 2019 camping season begins this morning (kind of), with the opening of the camping reservation website where we live. Thousands of campers will flood the site beginning at 7 AM. There’s always a mad rush to book the best sites on the most popular weekends. It reminded me of this popular post I wrote about a year ago, and …