This post may contain affiliate links, see full disclosure below. Updated August 14, 2021. If you’re looking for ways to improve your finances, you’ve come to the right place!  In this post, I give you 36 ways you can begin to change your financial situation in 2021.  1. Understand your financial values. When it comes to money, many people feel stuck …

5 Must-Haves For Your At-Home Classroom This Fall

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive effect on many industries throughout the United States, and unfortunately, education is no different. Countless families have been required to make adjustments at home to promote a more favorable learning environment for their children this school year. If you’re one of the thousands of parents who are wondering how they can possibly tackle …

How to Make Money as a Teenager: 12 Ways Your Teen Can Make Money Without a Job

How to Make Money as a Teenager 1. Open an Etsy Store 2. Sell Your Stuff 3. Earn Rewards with Swagbucks 4. Teach Music Lessons 5. Babysitting

A few months ago, my youngest daughter came to me for help. She was looking for a way to make some extra money. Her school had cancelled classes due to COVID-19, and she was facing a long summer holed up due to a global pandemic, with the prospect of not being able to see her friends that often.


2020 Booking.com Review – The Top Travel Site For Flights And Hotels?

With a top flight search engine & exclusive discounts for its top customers, Booking.com just might be the world's #1 travel site.

This post contains affiliate links, see disclosure at the bottom of this page or access our full disclosure here. I’m often asked how our family saves so much money on travel, and Booking.com is definitely one of the tools that we use to make it happen. Related Post: $800 Road Trip for Our Family of 5 Because it’s tough to describe all …


The Many Advantages Of Tent Trailer Camping

advantages of tent trailer camping

This post contains affiliate links, see disclosure at the bottom of this page or access our full disclosure here. With many campgrounds across Canada and the US beginning to re-open after being closed due to COVID-19 much of the spring, I thought it was the perfect time to republish this very popular post from the blog. Enjoy!  Hey everyone! We opened …


I had an unusually early start to the day today, up at 4:15 AM to drive my brother in law to the airport. He travels to visit his mother a couple of times a year, and I enjoy the opportunity for the two of us to chat. Two hours later, I’ve been there and back and it’s still early. The …


5 Reasons Why We Still Love Our Small Home

our small home

My wife and I took possession of our current home 13 years ago this month. October 10th, 2006, to be precise. We moved in with three very young kids in tow, our youngest was not even 3 months at the time. I’ll never forget that first night in our new home. After everyone was asleep, and with all of the …



I’m going to ask you to do something today. Take your biggest dreams, and lay them down.  The very things that propel you forward, that fuel the fire inside you.  That’s right.  For today, I want you to set them aside. Just for today. Your money or career goals.  Early retirement.  Dreams for your relationships. Lay them down. Your fitness …


Here’s One Less Excuse for Buying a New Car

Much to the chagrin, I’m sure, of a segment of my audience, I’ve written a lot of blog posts about cars. There are probably two reasons for this. Number one? I love cars. I’m a car guy, though not in the way most people think of when they refer to someone as a ‘car guy’. My mechanical skills are limited …



first car

This post contains affiliate links, see disclosure at the bottom of this page or access our full disclosure here. It’s a question many parents ask themselves.  Should you purchase a first car for your child, versus having them save the money on their own. My son turned 16 about six months ago, and is currently shopping for his first car. Naturally, …