5 REASONS WHY WE STILL LOVE OUR SMALL HOME Our 1200 square foot, cozy, one and a half story house was built shortly after the Second World War, though it was moved onto a new lot and foundation in the late 1960’s. It has 3 small bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, surprisingly, and a partially finished basement. Oh, and I should add, a single car, detached garage. In other words, it’s your typical starter home. READ MORE>>>

Kim @ The Frugal Engineers

FREELANCER SUCCESS STORIES: KIM @ THE FRUGAL ENGINEERS Kim is a freelance engineer specializing in sustainable design and construction. Having worked as a freelancer since 2011, Kim constantly touts the benefits of self-employment to other engineers and working professionals. She created her blog The Frugal Engineers as a resource library for other desk-dwellers looking to clock out early and start living. FULL INTERVIEW>>>

buying a new car

HERE'S ONE LESS EXCUSE TO BUY A NEW CAR Much to the chagrin, I’m sure, of a segment of my audience, I’ve written a lot of blog posts about cars. There are probably two reasons for this. Number one? I love cars. I’m a car guy, though not in the way most people think of when they refer to someone as a ‘car guy’. My mechanical skills are limited to... FULL ARTICLE>>>

Marc @ Vital Dollar

FREELANCER SUCESS STORIES: MARC @ VITAL DOLLAR My guest this week has been a full-time blogger and internet marketer since 2008, with blogs in different industries like web design, photography, and finance. He is the founder of the personal finance blog VitalDollar.com. READ MORE>>>


BLOG UPDATE - THE FUTURE OF MYSTERY MONEY MAN About a year ago, the company I work for embarked on a multi-year journey to rebuild the organization from the ground up. The message delivered was that, although the ecosystem as we knew it was instrumental in transforming the company into a global leader, it was also more than 20 years old...READ MORE>>>

Jenn Greenleaf

FREELANCER SUCCESS STORIES: JENN GREENLEAF My guest this week is Jenn Greenleaf, a freelance writer hailing from the great state of Maine. Jenn specializes in SEO, content marketing, and ghostwriting. She shares a tonne of wisdom, this is an interview you don't want to miss! READ MORE>>>


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