Let me tell you how I became the Mystery Money Man.

Ok, so my story may not carry the same intrigue as my first sentence, but here it is nonetheless. 🙂

First of all, why the “anonymous” thing? It’s mostly for fun, consider it my attempt to put a fresh spin on a blog and not take myself too seriously.

By design, my beautiful wife and I live an uncomplicated yet very full life with our three children in an area of the midwest I consider the ‘heart’ of the continent!

Aside from juggling parenthood with other less noble pursuits, I’ve managed to carve out a successful career providing financial advice to individuals and families for over 17 years.

Mrs. Mystery Money, the real superhero in our family, stays at home with our children and aside from working a couple of part time jobs over the past few years, has done so since our oldest child was born almost 16 years ago.

My wife and I always desired for her to be at home as we raised our children, so from the time our son was born we made the necessary lifestyle adjustments to make it a reality.

While we both felt strongly that this was the best choice for our family, for a long time it felt as though we were missing out by choosing to live on our (very modest) single income.

Along the way, we made some mistakes with money, overspending on a few big ticket items, in particular a couple of new vehicles that set us back financially . I shouldn’t say ‘we’, as it was usually me that influenced those spending decisions.
Mrs. Money Mystery is, by nature, one of the most frugal people I know, and I’ve certainly learned a lot from her.

Over the years, we noticed how many families, whether from within our circle of friends or society in general were getting caught in the trap of excessive consumerism, either spending themselves heavily into debt, or at the very least become burdened by the enormous pressure to maintain their financial obligations.

As people’s incomes rise, they usually become fixated on acquiring MORE stuff; a nicer car, a bigger house, expensive vacations, often expecting it will bring them more happiness. Parents also lavish similar luxuries upon their children, as though it’s almost a prerequisite for them becoming successful, well rounded adults.
We began to realize that not only were we NOT missing out, but that our shunning of materialism was actually keeping us unrestrained from the financial burdens that even high income earning families were feeling.

Why create a blog?

During the past year, I felt it was important for my wife and I to establish new financial freedom goals for our family, things we can dream about that will propel us forward during the next five to ten years.

This involved A LOT of time not only thinking, but reading and reflecting. At some point, it dawned on me that a blog was the perfect way for me to fuse some things I’m passionate about: personal finance, writing, and the creative/design process.

I see Mystery Money Man as an opportunity for me to teach people what I’ve learned and also to learn from so many others who have great perspectives to share!

Again, I won’t take myself too seriously. You will notice a healthy dose of sarcasm and hopefully a little humour sprinkled in (that’s up for debate).

And that, my friends, is how I became the Mystery Money Man! 😉