I’m going to let you in on something.

You are in a war.

You are being attacked from all sides.

Every day that you get out of bed, you are being bombarded by forces that given the opportunity, will rob you of your freedom.

Of your happiness.

Of your ability to reach your full potential.

The same can be said for your family, your spouse, your children.

It may seem as though I’m being overly-dramatic, but I’m really not.

I’ll get to the point.

I’m talking about the battle for your financial freedom. Your ability to be able to make choices for your life, for your family, independent of concern over money.

Now, I can imagine what you’re thinking. If I’m at war, who is my enemy?

In this space, we’ll refer to them as “The Big Spender”, but really I’m alluding to the consumer culture in which we live, one that is drowning in excessive materialism, self-indulgence, and extreme wastefulness.

You are besieged by this culture every day through mass media.

So is your family, so are your friends, so is everyone around you.

It’s a relentless assault. It really is a battle.

What is being offered is luxury.

Comfort, convenience, the promise of happiness.

Some of these things can be had.…comfort and convenience for example.

But the price tag is steep.

So steep, that for MILLIONS of individuals and families in North America, it has cost them their freedom.

Essentially, much of our society have become financial slaves. A strong statement, but true.

Also embedded in the promise is a lie; that acquiring more possessions such as a nicer home, a fancier car, or newer technology will bring you true happiness.

It’s quite the opposite, really. While you may experience a temporary emotional high or feeling of satisfaction from the pursuit of material wealth, it won’t last. In fact, the cost of that pursuit can become a great burden.

Meanwhile, along the way, The Big Spender has done a masterful job at making you believe that your wants are actually your needs.

I hear you. It all seems pretty grim. It can seem as though you’re fighting a losing battle.

If you’ve read this far and what I’ve written is resonating, I have good news.

It doesn’t have to be this way, you can change your situation.

You can find the strength to fight back.

This is a battle you can win!

First things first, you MUST understand the ways in which this consumer culture has negatively influenced your own life and your personal finances.

That will allow you to begin making better decisions that will move you along on your journey towards financial freedom.

Here’s the tough part about change.

It requires discipline.

It requires a plan.

It requires you to set some goals.

What would it mean for you to be financially free?

Do you have a long term goal, like the ability to retire early? Do you wish that you could change careers, or work less?

If you have children, perhaps you would love for you or your spouse to stay at home with them while they are young, but your current situation makes it seem impossible.

Maybe you would love the freedom to travel more but you assume you will have to wait forever, if ever.

I believe that there is power in good decision-making.

In fact, the right choices on a few key matters can move a person closer to monumental change in their life, wherever they are at.

Even seemingly small matters, if acted upon wisely, can begin to undo a lot of past mistakes.

The more your embrace change, the easier change becomes.

The victories begin to mount.

You notice your momentum building.

Your focus becomes sharpened and you begin to realize that financial freedom is waiting around the corner.

That’s why this blog exists, it’s our reason for being.

If I didn’t believe that the content you’ll find here could help A LOT of people transform their lives for the better, it wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

I have seen far too many families suffer from the crushing weight of debt, lose their independence and their ability to control how they spend their time.

The hours spent researching, writing and learning the ins and outs of web design come out of a real sense of purpose.

If I can inspire even a small number of people to make financial choices that will help them improve their quality of life, mission accomplished.

I’m inviting you to join me in becoming a Financial Freedom Fighter!

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