Welcome to my ‘recommended’ page! Here you will find a list of brands I trust and can recommend to thousands of readers!
These companies have earned the Mystery Money Man Seal Of Approval. Feel free to check back periodically for updates and additions to this page.

Note: There are affiliate links on this page. I have used or currently use products and services from all of the brands listed below, and would recommend them without any renumeration. Booking dot yeah! This is one of the best travel sites out there, period. Great deals, seamless service. It’s where I book almost all of the hotels for our family’s epic road trips. Their commercials are pretty hilarious as well.

PicMonkey: When I started this blog, I was using another photo editing app. Then I noticed my then 13-year old daughter making some killer photo edits, and I was like, “Woah, what are you using!?” PicMonkey! I haven’t looked back. I used the free version for a couple of weeks, and then upgraded to the paid, which unlocks a bunch of features, and is only a few dollars per month. Worth it in my books if you’re making lots of edits.

Bluehost: Early on, Bluehost was recommended to me for web hosting. They are one of the best out there, and offer great value for the service they provide. In fact, my experience has been so smooth, I have never actually had to use their customer support, which so many people rave about.

Envato Market/ Themeforest: Envato is a super-cool company based in Melbourne, Australia. (Being based in Melbourne alone makes it cool, in my opinion). They are an online market for a huge collection of web design tools, such as WordPress themes, plug ins etc. Theme forest is a theme marketplace powered by Envato. It’s where I purchased X, the theme that powers Mystery Money Man. I’ve included a link to both Envato Market and to the XTheme page on Theme Forest!

BroGoLogo: I’m pretty excited about this one! BroGoLogo is a boutique logo design start up that I helped launch in early 2017, with a close friend of mine. In a short span of time, we’ve been able to help many amazing clients build their brand!
If you’re in need of a great logo for your business or blog, visit BroGoLogo or send me an email at!, I’ll hook you up!