5 Reasons Why We Still Love Our Small Home

our small home

My wife and I took possession of our current home 13 years ago this month. October 10th, 2006, to be precise. We moved in with three very young kids in tow, our youngest was not even 3 months at the time. I’ll never forget that first night in our new home. After everyone was asleep, and with all of the …



silver lining

“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat” – Napoleon Hill Your cloud of debt has a silver lining. Do you have trouble believing that statement? It may depend on the current status of your relationship with debt. Perhaps it’s way too involved, and your debt hovers over you like a dark cloud. If that’s the …


Conquering Your Financial FOSO (Fear of Starting Out)


Hey everyone!  This guest post from my friend Amanda at the Frugal PhD Blog is about conquering your financial FOSO, or Fear of Starting Out. Many of us struggle to start out or make progress on our financial goals because we feel like we’re already behind, or do not trust that we will be able to make the progress we need to accomplish our …