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  1. I can relate to all of these. I haven’t had a raise in quite a while and my husband took a lower paying job at a humanitarian organization, so we have had some lifestyle deflation lately, but there were many years when the opposite was true, when we bought things on credit. I wish I got it together sooner. We also have really dear, old friends who don’t have kids, so it is serious sticker shock when we do go out together, especially for dinner. But it is just once in a while, so we suck it up. But if many of my relationships were like that, we could never swing it.

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      That is so cool about your husband taking a job with non profit. I’ve thought about those possibilities lately, I’ve become so disillusioned with corporate culture. Part of my frugal ambition is to create the freedom to be able to make those decisions.
      The great thing about having older friends, which we have as well, is that they have that life experience that you can draw on. We’ve got a couple friends whose kids are about 5-10 years older than ours, so they’ve passed along lots of wisdom. Now I see us doing the same with friends who are just starting families. Thanks Linda! 🙂

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